About us

Being specialized in covering specific nutrition needs, the nutrition code operates in the field of healthy food and drinks.

We believe that healthy nutrition is not just a way of living choice, but a “code” that when it is achieved to be broken, then the secret of wellness is revealed.

Our vision

Is to make this decoding interesting, simple and achievable to even more people, contributing by this way to the personal wellness of thousands of people


Our direct retail operation takes place through our own e-shop: www.e-nutritioncode.gr

Our main concern is to let the visitor of our e-shop find fast and easily the proper products, covering any need in a value for money and pleasant way.

…not only!

Our cooperation with further distribution channels increases the accessibility of our brands.

The development of our PL products, of guaranteed quantity by The Nutrition Code, expands even more the product mix, offering best price choices.

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