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By Stephen J Butler

The writer, cofounder of a third-party pension management enterprise and public speaker, discusses how 401(k) plans paintings, tips on how to examine the standard of a plan, and the way to revamp it to be greater. Of most likely curiosity to corporation decision-makers and energetic 401(k) plan members.

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They were talking about how difficult it was to play God, as they struggled to determine what really qualified as a hardship distribution. Some of them elected to hear each participant's story and determine if it qualified for a hardship distribution. Was a new engine for the car that the participant used to get to work an acceptable hardship? I suggested that the best antidote to the hardship definition problem was to simply liberalize the loan provision. Page 21 The Cost of Hardship Distributions.

One example demon- Page 8 strates this. To calculate the amount saved in the 401(k) plan, assume: 1. A participant contributes $150 per month for 20 years into a 401(k) plan. 2. The savings earn an average annual return of 8%. ) 3. By the end of year 20, the savings in the plan total $88,353. Now to calculate what a person would have saved in a regular savings plan, assume: 1. An employee saves $150 per month for 20 years. 2. The employee pays combined federal and state taxes at a rate of 34%. 3.

A retirement plan trust fund is controlled by trustees of the plan, who are usually the same people who own and run the company (in smaller companies anyway). A Plan Document This document dictates how the plan will be operatedwho is eligible, matching contributions, loans, etc. The document is extremely important. An improperly signed document, for example, is a cause for plan disqualification. A Summary Plan Description This is the official layperson's description of the plan (as opposed to the promotional material) that, by law, must be provided to all participants.

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