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In existence, uncertainty surrounds us. issues that we inspiration have been solid for us turn into undesirable for us (and vice versa); humans we concept we knew good behave in mysterious methods; the inventory marketplace takes a nosedive. because of an inexplicable optimism, as a rule we're particularly pleased approximately all of it.

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By following these guidelines, you will have a well-mobilized army with plenty of tactical chances. 38 THE MOST VALUABLE SKILLS IN CHESS Exercises The solutions to this chapter's exercises are on pages 140 to 1 4 1 . w w E7 How can White finish Black off quickly? 7 E9 Black is a piece up, but it is in the shape of a very ugly bishop. How can White win this game? B w 6 5 3 2 g E8 Black is trying to queen the h-pawn. How can this be done in style? ElO Black's king is a rat in a cage. How can White carry out a famous manoeuvre that leads to a forced checkmate in no more than four moves?

By playing 1 c8lD+! (D) White promotes to a knight, checks the black king, and attacks the black queen simultaneously (this is called afork). ••• a b c d e g h In this highly unlikely position, the five white pawns are meaningless. Black's king can simply shuffle back and forth in the comer and the best White can ever do is stalemate Black. White would gladly give all of these pawns for just one pawn any­ where else. When pawns are lined up in such a way, they can often lose strength (value). It's worth knowing the following closely related position: w B Black must move the king, allowing White to take the queen.

Hopefully, by recognizing this simple truth, you will learn to avoid think­ ing that way too. 55 B The white bishop prevents the black a­ pawn from advancing. 'ii'xb3! 2 cxb3 a2! The pawn will pro­ mote to a queen, forcing the white queen to capture it and leaving Black with an ex­ tra bishop. The pawn was so important that it was worth sacrificing a queen to move it forward. Here are some other interesting posi­ tions where the value of pawns changes, for good and bad: Two pawns on the sixth rank easily de­ feat a rook.

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