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Originally one was profane by taking the Lord’s name in vain. When one challenges or fails to revere anything sacred he is profaning the holy premises. Any attack against a sacred cow is therefore profane. On a lower level, actual verbal profanity becomes an effective tactic in defeating the sacred cow. ” whereas if stated courteously such a question would result in another long ride around the rhetorical ranch. However, the radical must know that with irreverence, as with everything else in life, there is a time and a place.

It’s as true as it is for any other group. For, after all, the people who really like their fellow men are few and far between. So you’re a Negro. You’re a Negro and you deeply resent the hypocrisy and the bigotry of the whites. You hate Jim Crow with all your heart. You live in a prison of prejudice. Your home is in the worst section of the city. You don’t have an equal chance for a job. You go to college and when you graduate you’re given a job as a doorman. You’re barred from the best jobs and the house next door, and you live in just plain unadulterated hell.

Whenever America’s hearts are breaking, there American radicals were and are. America was begun by its radicals. America was built by its radicals. The hope and future of America lies with its radicals. What is the American radical? The radical is that unique person who actually believes what he says. He is that person to whom the common good is the greatest personal value. He is that person who genuinely and completely believes in mankind. The radical is so completely identified with mankind that he personally shares the pain, the injustices, and the sufferings of all his fellow men.

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