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By Olga Lakela

A plant life of Northeastern Minnesota was once first released in 1965. Minnesota Archive variations makes use of electronic know-how to make long-unavailable books once more available, and are released unaltered from the unique collage of Minnesota Press editions.

A guide for the id of the ferns, fern allies, flowering vegetation, timber, shrubs, and herbs of Minnesota's Arrowhead quarter, this quantity lists 113 botanic households and describes 1,300 species, with keys for identity. There are eighty line drawings of plant species and 419 maps displaying distribution.

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B. Lunaria The base of stalk exposing the winter bud; blades large sessile, ternate near the middle of the plant; spores smooth B. virginianam B. ) Rupr. var. multifidum. Leathery Grape Fern. 7-2 dm tall; rhizome short with fleshy transversely wrinkled roots; leaf stalks peach-colored near the base; sterile blades ternate or tripinnate, reflexed; pinnules ovate obtuse, subentire, or denticulate in f. dentatum Tryon; leaf stalks 1-5 cm long, or 3-7 cm in var. intermedium (D. C. ) Farw. --Var.

D. ) Christens. Scented Oak Fern. --Rare and local. 6041 rock cleft at Lester R, Duluth; 16511 fissures of high rocks, Moose L, Can border, Lake Co. Nfld to Alas. D. ) Christens. Beach Fern. --Common rocky woods throughout area. 2807 Duluth; 13338 Ash R, Kabetogama L; 5757 Beaver Island, L Superior, Lake Co. Greenl to Alas. D. fragrans (L. ) Schott. var. remotiuscula Komarov. Fragrant Fern. --Throughout area in exposed crevices of high rocks. 2808 Duluth; 3927 Burntside L; 18050 high outcrops of granite, Hoist Bay of Basswood L.

1738 Superior Bay front, Minn Pt, Duluth. Can to Mex. LYCOPODIACEAE (CLUBMOSS FAMILY) Low evergreen perennials, tufted or with creeping stems above or below the ground, giving rise to erect fruiting stems; leaves linear-lanceolate, imbricated in 4-16 ranks. Sporophylls compacted into strobili, or, like the leaves, scattered at the tips of the upright stems; spores of 1 kind. 16 Lycopodium L. Clubmoss (Gr. lycos, wolf, pous, foot) Stems not terminating in strobili; sporangia borne in axils of apical sterile leaves; proliferating leaf buds common late in the season.

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