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By James H. Bentley

The box of electric engineering is particularly innovative-new items and new rules are continu­ best friend being built. but some of these options are in line with the elemental rules of electric engineering: Ohm's legislations, Kirchhoff's legislation, suggestions keep an eye on, waveforms, capacitance, resistance, inductance, electrical energy, magnetism, present, voltage, strength, power. it truly is those simple basics that are confirmed for within the expert Engineering exam (PE Exam). this article offers an prepared overview of the elemental electric engineering basics. it's an outgrowth of an electric engineering refresher direction taught by means of the writer to applicants getting ready for the pro Engineering Examination-a path which has enabled rankings of electric engineers in Minnesota and Wisconsin to effectively move the PE examination. the fabric is consultant of the kind of questions showing within the PE checks ready through the nationwide Council of Engineering Examiners (NCEE) over the last twelve years. each one challenge within the textual content has been conscientiously chosen to demonstrate a selected proposal. integrated with each one challenge is a minimum of one resolution. even supposing the options were rigorously checked, either by way of the writer and by means of scholars, there's ameliorations of interpretation. additionally, on occasion convinced assumptions may have to be made ahead of challenge resolution, and because those to person, the ultimate solution can also fluctuate. The assumptions will range from person writer has tried to maintain the necessities for assumptions and interpretation to a mini­ mum.

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RESISTANCE The problem in this section illustrates the basics of combining series and parallel resistances into a single equivalent resistance. 30 CHAPTER 2 / BASIC CIRCUITS PROBLEM 2-1. SERIES-PARALLEL RESISTANCE Find the equivalent resistance of the resistance network shown below. AA 12 Evaluate your answer by comparing it to the solution below. Solution: By combining parallel resistors, the network reduces to: R = 1 10 X 40 400 =-= 8 10 + 40 50 1]-1 1 1 R2 = [ "8 + 24 + 12 =4 This circuit finally reduces to: (8+4)(4) 48 R = - - - - = - = 3 ohms 8+4 +4 16 If your answer is correct, go on to the next section.

Xc! 85 n If your answers are correct, go on to Problem 2-22. If your answers are not correct, review p. 24. PROBLEM 2-22. DAMPED RLC CIRCUIT The following circuit represents a system in which a de voltage is periodically applied, causing a current pulse which never goes negative. The capacitor is discharged after each cycle. If the values of Land C are 20 mh and 10 pf, what is the minimum value of R in order to achieve the desired result? R L 20 mH Solution: The desired current waveform for one period is: The circuit must be critically damped if R is to be a minimum while the current is always positive.

Use is made of partial fractions (see Chapter 5) and the Laplace transform. PROBLEM 2-12. SIMPLE LAG CIRCUIT Derive the equation for output voltage across the capacitor of the simple lag circuit shown below after the switch is closed. Assume the capacitor is initially uncharged. s :(, ! J -1 R '\IV'v ~ e1 (t) -=--E Solution: 1 eo(t)=- C 42 It 0 J: I(s) idt-Eo(s)=Cs e 11 eo(t) T~ CHAPTER 2 / BASIC CIRCUITS output The transfer function of a circuit = - . F. mput [1(S)J [ Eo(s) E 1(s) = C; 1 J l(s) (R + lICs) 1 = RCs + 1 = l/RC s + lIRC When S is closed at t = 0, a transient unit step is input.

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