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By Raymond B. Hames and William T. Vickers (Auth.)

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In the previous week, on August 31 and September 1, there had been a total of 13 mm of rain, followed by 4 days of almost no rainfall (total 4 mm). The daily high temperature over this period gradually rose from 22 to 31° C on the day of the burn. Of three gardens bumed this day, the one that had been drjdng the longest bumed well, and the other two burned badly. As it turned out, this day was followed by 4 more that were very hot and dry. On September 9, Ricardo burned his field and it bumed very well.

Archaeology and ethnohistory are also methods that can contribute much to our understanding of the human ecology of Amazorüa. The ar­ chaeological investigation of the Amazon is in its infancy, and the analysis of the historical accounts of explorers and travellers have not been given much credibility to date. We feel that both of these approaches can and should be integrated into our data base. The work of Meggers and Evans (1957) and Lathrap (1968) demonstrates that such data are applicable to the issues of Amazonian adaptation.

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