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"Advances in Geosciences" is the results of a concerted attempt in bringing the most recent effects and making plans actions on the topic of earth and house technological know-how in Asia and the overseas area. the amount editors are all prime scientists of their learn fields masking 5 sections: sturdy Earth (SE), sun Terrestrial (ST), Planetary technological know-how (PS), Hydrological technology (HS), and Oceans and Atmospheres (OA). the most objective is to spotlight the clinical concerns necessary to the learn of earthquakes, tsunamis, weather swap, drought, flood, typhoons, house weathers, and planetary exploration.

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1 (bottom panel) which includes the first flare emissions (from 00:16 UT to 00:23 UT). We can see some features of thermal emission and also clear signatures of nonthermal emission. 5 MK at 00:15 UT to above 10 MK at 00:22 UT. At the same time, the RHESSI count rate in 12–25 keV increases. Such HXR brightenings in lower energy bands, associated with a hotter GOES source, are often observed in a preflare phase, and the emissions are thought to be thermal. 4 performed a spectroscopic analysis of the flare with RHESSI data, and reported that the thermal component of the region has high temperatures up to 20– 30 MK.

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