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By D.R. UHLMANN and N.J. KREIDL (Eds.)

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This gives an overall coordination of approximately three atoms, but the network is not entirely chemically ordered. Similar results for evaporated a-As 2 S 3 have been reported by Nemanich et al. (1978). The presence of homopolar bonds (AsAs) can be explained by assuming that As 4 S 4 groups are incorporated in the structure. 59A. , 1987). For instance, in Fig. (8) S's. EXAFS measurements then suggest that irreversible photostructural effects in a-As 2 S 3 films involve the breaking of homopolar (As-As) bonds and the generation of heteropolar (As-S) bonds.

The delay in tackling this most important of amorphous tetrahedrals is mainly the difficulty of measuring fine structure 22 G. N. A), a measurement that only became routine in the 1980s. Because Si is a much weaker backscatterer than Ge, the k-range is shorter and the precision with which AN, A//2, and AR can be measured with respect to crystalline Si is not as great. Nevertheless, several interesting findings have emerged. , 1986a), despite its low density compared to c-Si. Once again, this points to the presence of large voids in films of a-Si.

VI. Modified Glasses Oxides such as soda and lime break up the network of simple oxide glasses such as silica or germania. They dramatically affect the viscosity of the melt 1. X-RAY ABSORPTION SPECTROSCOPY 41 and the optical gap of the resultant glass shrinks from 9 eV in silica, for instance, to 5 or 6eV in sodium disilicate. Modified glasses are ionic conductors and, although the Raman and infrared modes associated with the network are retained from the simple glass, broad modes appear around 200 to 300 cm" 1 .

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