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By Walther G. von Krenner, Damon Apodaca, Ken Jeremiah

Aikido floor scuffling with presents potent floor options that stay real to aikido founder Morehei Ueshiba's teachings whereas addressing a possible weak spot within the procedure: whereas aikido is well known for its submission and compliance innovations in addition to grappling from a status place, it's not identified for its effectiveness by way of flooring scuffling with. Aikido floor Fighting is a special examine the roots of aikido suggestions (in specific, the kneeling practices of suwari-waza) and the way they may be utilized to safety at the floor. Written by way of an instantaneous pupil of Morihei Ueshiba in collaboration with different aikido academics, this publication continues to be steadfastly precise to the founder's teachings whereas providing cutting edge and potent concepts. Containing never-before-published photos of Ueshiba in addition to step by step pictures truly demonstrating strategies, Aikido floor Fighting is designed for aikido scholars trying to develop into extra well-rounded martial artists in addition to practitioners of all martial arts looking potent self-defense options.

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