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By Peter Brimelow

The debatable, bestselling booklet (37,500 hardcover copies bought) that is helping outline the talk approximately essentially the most vital and hotly contested concerns dealing with the United States: immigration.

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American Mythos: Why Our Best Efforts to Be a Better Nation Fall Short

The United States was once outfitted on tales: stories of thankful immigrants arriving at Ellis Island, Horatio Alger-style variations, self-made males, and the Protestant paintings ethic. during this new ebook, popular sociologist Robert Wuthnow examines those so much American of stories--narratives approximately individualism, immigration, luck, faith, and ethnicity--through the eyes of contemporary immigrants.

Art in the Lives of Immigrant Communities in the United States

Paintings within the Lives of Immigrant groups within the usa is the 1st publication to supply a finished and vigorous research of the contributions of artists from America's most recent immigrant communities--Africa, the center East, China, India, Southeast Asia, imperative the United States, and Mexico. including considerably to our realizing of either the humanities and immigration, multidisciplinary students discover tensions that artists face in forging careers in a brand new global and navigating among their domestic groups and the bigger society.

Birthplace, Migration and Crime: The Australian Experience

An old and modern account of migrant crime in Australia, this e-book explores various matters from psychological well-being and victimology to immigration coverage and felony research, arguing that it really is birthplace, now not race, which affects upon crimes dedicated by means of migrants.

New Eastern European Immigrants in the United States

This e-book deftly extends prior study on post-1965 immigration to the USA which will research the cultural, socioeconomic, structural, and political version of japanese eu immigrants after 1991. additionally, the publication engages in a scientific exam of version stories in the course of the lenses of latest theories of version, and fills a niche within the literature in this understudied immigrant inhabitants.

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