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118 Managing the NGO’s capacity of confrontation also helps prevent the state from passing stricter laws. com - licensed to University of California-CDL - PalgraveConnect - 2011-04-20 36 lobbying against the company and by trying to change company practices through voluntary engagements (and being convinced that changes are possible), NGOs may bring less pressure on the state to draft stricter laws against the private sector. 119 It is therefore fundamental that the NGO maintains its autonomy and its capacity to criticise, and it must not hesitate to criticise.

Com - licensed to University of California-CDL - PalgraveConnect - 2011-04-20 Corporate–NGO Alliances Alliances for Sustainable Development Companies which choose to go into partnership with NGOs have recognised a certain number of elements in their business environment: new consumption trends, new requirements for companies concerning responsibilities and ethics, growing environmental and social concerns, and the increasing importance and credibility of NGOs. In other words, their strategic behaviour is based on rational elements in the search for competitiveness.

3. 4. , networks) Capacity of confrontation. , this is a negative capability). , knowledge, credibility), and negative motivations, which respond to the company’s concern as to what the NGO can ‘remove or take away’ – mainly the company’s reputation. These resources/capabilities are not ends in themselves. 1 Corporate motivations cost reduction, corporate image enhancement or a differentiation of positioning. It is always somewhat artificial to treat these four resources/ capabilities separately, since a company often seeks to obtain several of them simultaneously.

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