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Alpha educate your self company Plans in 24 Hours is a step by step consultant for writing a marketing strategy that any entrepreneur gives you to bankers, enterprise capital organisations, and different power traders. the writer explains what traders search for in a marketing strategy and indicates how one can create a plan that would bring about investment and help.

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But wait, some of you are saying, why do I need to go to all the time and trouble of writing a fancy plan? I have my financials (in this stack of papers somewhere), I know my business (and I’ll be glad to tell you about it), and I have a plan for success (in my head). Why can’t I just walk into the lender/ investor’s office, hand over my financial papers, and tell them why they should give me their money? Making an investment or a loan based on a personal meeting and gut reaction is a nice concept, but it’s one that went out of favor back when George Bailey quit running his family’s savings and loan back in Bedford Falls.

It’s not uncommon for a business plan to have an alternate title, such as strategic plan, business overview, strategic overview, or even a “goals and opportunities” document. Analyze Your Audience UNDERSTANDING SPECIFIC AUDIENCES As you write your plan, you need to know what your specific audience expects to see. What drives your audience—what information does it need before it can say “yes” to writing a check? Let’s take a look at the four different types of potential lenders and/or investors and how you can fine-tune your plan for greatest appeal.

HOUR 3 Analyze Your Market CHAPTER SUMMARY LESSON PLAN: In this hour, you will learn about … • Market research and analysis • Defining your market • Quantifying market size and share • Estimating market growth A s you will learn later in this book, a good business plan tells a story—and the first part of the story defines why you want to pursue this particular business opportunity. The reason why has to do with the revenue and profit potential represented by a particular market. There’s an attractive market opportunity, your story goes, and this business plan describes how we’re going to get our share of that opportunity.

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