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Further, it established more Mexican i m m i g r a n t families in the United States—families that could now apply to b r i n g even more relatives in under the family reunification policy. THE RUN FOR THE BORDER Currently, the number of i m m i g r a n t s who try to cross the Mexican border illegally is g r o w i n g every year, creating a new criminal culture. S. government, between 300,000 and 400,000 people try to cross the border illegally every year. People calling themselves "coyotes" are m a k i n g a living out of s m u g g l i n g potentially illegal i m m i g r a n t s across the border, sometimes safely and sometimes not.

In addition, guest workers would have also been able to come and go across the border freely without fear of being detained or deported, which 45 America Debates United States Policy on Immigration fts a freedom that most illegal i m m i g r a n t s currently in the United States do not have. -sponsored retirement benefits that could have only been redeemed in their home countries, which would have given the guest workers added incentive to actually leave the country after their visas expired. For their part, the American businesses that hired guest workers would have been required to prove that they had hired the workers only after they had made a n attempt to hire nativeborn American workers first.

S. laws. Republicans also a r g u e d that the plan did n o t h i n g to address the s t r a i n 4G • Protesters attend a demonstration against a proposet immigration bill. Protests both for and against imigration are becoming more common as immigration becomes a widely debated political issue. that immigration is causing on the social service p r o g r a m s in the United States. They a r g u e that even with the guest workers earning m i n i m u m wage and paying taxes, the fact that they were still most likely to be in the lowest tax bracket meant that they would have continued to use more social services t h a n they would have been able to repay in taxes.

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