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By Guruji Naushir

Amrit originates from Sanskrit amrita, this means that immortal. Amrit - the publication on your hand is a piece of deep love and knowledge from the immortal sage Mahavtar Babaji as communicated to Guruji Naushir. it's a consultant for functional spirituality full of incisive insights and spiced with love and humour. It touches all points of existence and enumerates on scorching to be on this planet, yet no longer OF this global; making our trip on this planet balanced, stress-free and elevating.

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THE STEALTH BOMBER I like to call this particular emotion the ‘stealth bomber’ because that’s exactly how it functions. The operative word is Jealousy. Another grand delusion most of us live in is that there is not a jealous bone in our body. Funnily, I have yet to come across a person who has never felt jealous. Frankly I don’t think such a creature exists; only the degrees vary. Believe me I have known of very spiritually elevated souls succumbing to this stealth bomber. Now the reason I call it the stealth bomber is because most humans live in complete denial that this emotion even exists within them!

Guruji’s Answer: It is certainly more difficult to be non-judgmental of close family with whom you interact almost daily. But that does not mean you should not have a point of view or become a doormat and let people trample you. As long as another person’s behavior does not directly affect your life try not to be harshly critical or rush to condemn. See the compulsions under which the other person is doing something. Let me also mention here that I do not advocate letting people take advantage of you just because you choose to keep your opinions to yourself.

It hardly matters whether this is done by a razor sharp tongue or our actions. Try to put an end to this, because you will seriously impede your spiritual growth. And the higher you reach, the more frustrating is this weight around your ankles. To my mind the three foremost reasons, why we land up intentionally hurting people are- uncontrolled anger, unbridled greed and unwarranted arrogance. Overcoming anger would need a personality change or attitudinal healing. You can overcome greed by knowing in your heart that no matter what you do, you will never have more than what is potentially in your blueprint or destiny.

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