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By John M. Watson and J. B. Stenlake (Auth.)

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Trans- Fatal in stallions; less mitted during severe in mares. South sexual interEurope, Asia, Africa, course via North America genital abrasions Virulence varies—many Horse-flies, tabanids and strains. In warm counother bloodtries throughout the sucking flies world Tsetse-flies Sometimes fatal in (G. mordomestic animals— sitans) symptomless in wild ungulates. Tropical Africa Souma Tsetse-flies or tabanids Mal de Caderas Tabanids — Tsetse-flies — Tsetse-flies or tabanids Tabanids — Comment 26 Sometimes fatal in domestic animals— symptomless in antelopes.

Segmenting forms. Gametocytes. 29 AN INTRODUCTION TO PARASITOLOGY P. vivax and P. ovale which cause benign tertian malaria (characterised by a febrile paroxysm every 48 hours). P. falciparum which causes malignant (pernicious) tertian malaria (characterised by febrile paroxysms at irregular intervals approximating to 48 hours in some cases). The life-cycle of all four species is essentially similar. It involves certain mosquito species belonging to the genus Anopheles as intermediate hosts, and passes through four stages : (a) (b) (c) (d) the pre-erythrocytic cycle the exo-erythrocytic cycle the erythrocytic cycle the sexual cycle.

6 Eurytrema pancreaticum. 7 Platynosomum concinnum. 8 Pseudomphistomum truncatum. principally in cattle, sheep and goats. Genuine human infections are rare, but spurious ones occur not infrequently. The life-cycle is peculiar in that the eggs, after leaving the definitive host in the faeces, hatch only if ingested by an appropriate species of landsnail, such as Cionella lubrica, in which the parasite passes through 50 F. gigantica Fascioloides magna Fasciola hepatica FASCIOLIDAE Pseudomphistomum truncatum Opisthorchis tenuicollis Clonorchis sinensis OPISTHORCHIDAE Eurytrema pancreaticum Platynosomum concinnum Dicrocoelium dendriticum DICROCOELIDAE Parasite Cattle, horses, bison, yaks Sheep, goats, cattle, etc.

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